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About us – aai.care

While our team was breathing and working in the office – in a small town in the Netherlands, called Hoofddorp -our designer was drowsy. She was recovering from a few sleepless nights because her baby was sick. Just then, one of us sneezed: Achoo! Achoo! That was it: she was motivated, more than ever, to find a solution.

After many hours of research, we discovered indoor air pollution could be one of the reasons. And after several brainstorming sessions, we saw the advantages of connected technology to build an indoor air quality monitor specially designed for babies. As a consequence of our discussions, ‘First Breath’ was born. At the end of our research, we were sure about one thing: every baby on this planet deserves healthy indoor air, and every parent deserves to know what their baby is breathing.


To redefine caregiving by using connected and insightful technology. We aim to help caregivers/parents so that they can provide optimal support and improve the lives of their loved ones.


To expose air in its tiniest details and show every parent what their children are actually breathing. We wish to empower parents to create a healthy indoor environment for their family.


We believe that with a multicultural mindset and open collaboration wonderful things can be achieved.