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Giulia: A native Italian, she chooses the pencil over a pen. She loves design, sketching, illustrations and architecture. Her artistic perspective combined with her drawing skills has helped bring alive many aspects of the product. She has a great eye for detail.

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Thomas has measured formaldehyde in school classes, dioxins in industries and mercury in hospitals. He is the in-house indoor air quality expert. He is a mechanical engineer and has been working on air quality for more than 10 years. Thomas believes in helping any cause that helps prevent health issues.

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Chungsub is a genius, back-end engineer and a proud father of a daughter. Although he works on server structure, data protection and management, he knows everything from woodwork and -growing tea in his garden to pollution caused by lead paints. He is our go-to guy - or at least the Google guy!

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Frank is a tech-savvy, marketing professional. Not only that, he has also cycled around most parts of Asia. He draws on his adventurous spirit and endless enthusiasm to make projects a reality. His interests lie in international politics and travelling.

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Bilge is the baby of the team. She handles everything from accounts to spreading smiles in the office. She is a total foodie and makes sure we all get our grub too. She hates discrimination and hypocrites but loves people who talk from their heart.

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Sahana brings ideas and words to the table. She is also passionate about parenting and has a mummy point-of-view on everything. This proved invaluable during the development of the product. She believes that any difficult situation in life must be treated as another opportunity to grow and learn.

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During her childhood, Nike spent a lot of time wandering in the woods and exploring the Dutch countryside. So it's no wonder that she is passionate about, and creative in designing products that are rooted in nature and that aim to help the environment. Apart from that, she gets her genius ideas from Vitamin D [...]

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Although Intae loves Kimchi, he equally enjoys Dutch stroopwafels. But what interests him most is to observe how technology is changing the definition of connectivity: from letters to emails, computers to smartphones, linear TV to on-demand videos, etc. He is fond of discovering the human side of technology and helps create technical products that care. [...]

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