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First Breath is an indoor air quality monitor that scans the air and displays what your baby is actually breathing.

Monitor every breath, after birth

While you observe your curious baby explore their world at home, what you cannot notice is how and when indoor air pollution affects them.

First Breath is equipped with multiple sensors to provide real-time information on the status of the pollutants. The app helps you maintain an optimal indoor environment for you and your family.

Prevent asthma and allergies, at every step

While growing, babies are prone to recurring ailments such as cough, cold and respiratory problems. First Breath helps you avoid allergies and future illnesses by providing timely tips and solutions on its app.

Designed to fit in every baby room, and in every house

First Breath’s design emanates the warmth and love for those it is made for: babies. Its contemporary design fits seamlessly with the aesthetics of any home, in fact any baby room.

Check what creates pollution in your baby’s room, by bookmarking events

Many factors affect the indoor air quality in your house:
household products, furniture, cooking, etc.
With First Breath’s unique feature, you can track and tag the events to understand what causes pollution and to what extent.

The technology used to develop First Breath is patent pending

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Check some interesting facts:

Milk vs. Air

The daily intake for babies is 0.018% litres of milk compared to 99.8% litres of air per day in the first month of life.

Urban vs. Rural

Whether you live in an urban city or a rural area, indoor air pollution is a problem for all types of homes.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air because it contains both indoor and outdoor pollution.

First Breath’s app educates and empowers you to take healthy decisions for your baby and family.

  • Quick overview of indoor air quality

  • Access from anywhere, at anytime

  • Get tips/ideas/guidance